[PC] Fate/Stay Night

Haa- I owe this Type-Moon project a review for a long time. I watched the fate/stay night anime probably more than two years ago, became a huge fan of Saber, and played the visual novel. Apparently, this was the most successful visual novel they ever made. Type-moon was originally is doujin company and, according to Wikiepedia (the well-known site for highly unreliable source), the company suddenly got famous by selling Tsukihime VN (which, by the way, has aired a 12-episode anime too) at the comiket. With the lack of voice cast and the plain graphics, I don’t see how Tuskihime become famous. I’m guessing it’s because the storyline is based on the main character’s life revolving 5 heroines. In another words, harem and… we know how it works right?


Getting back to Fate/ projects. As I mentioned before, I became a huge fan of Saber after watching the 26-episode series. I felt her ending was too sad, and so I did some more researching. What i found was some more high quality pictures of saber. I wondered around to see where it came from and later figured that it’s visual novel. (it was basically how I got myself into the world of VN). Without much effort, I found an english translation patch on Mirror-Moon and played the game.

saber status

[Just fell in love with Saber’s expression, that’s all..]

The novel has about 40 something endings with 5 good ends and other bad/dead ends. Saber’s route (Fate), which is probably the main one, is the more or less the same as the anime with only one ending. Rin’s (Unlimited Blade Works – UBW) was by far, the shortest storyline out of three and everything seemed to ended peacefully there, for both true and happy end. Sakura (Heaven’s Feel – HF), however, even though I am not very satisfied with both her endings, her storyline is the BEEST!! Well, it’s the longest too and I was surprised that she didn’t make it to the top 3 character list. They should totally make another anime on Heaven’s Feel… I mean, they already later made a movie on Unlimited Blade Works and anime on Fate. This isn’t fair for Sakura-chan…

HF tips
[Maybe Sakura can’t be in top list because she wants to be the only one and Japanese guys can’t acknowledge that??]

I don’t know if I should mention this, but if I recall correctly, Fate has 2 H-scenes, UBW has only 1, and HF has (>///<)  4!! Now, just a note, the reason that HF is my favourite of all is NOT because of it has more of this scene. Well, it kind of give the points, but it’s because  Sakura’s tragic past and her kind of beautiful love story with Shirou. I guess i just love those “Yamato Nadeshiko” type of characters more than Tsundere’s or Saber-types. They never seemed to be in favour of the general public though.. 😦


Anyways, because Fate/stay night became so high in-demand by the audience, Type-moon first released a fan-disk, “Fate/Hollow Ataraxia”. It’s all about peace and you die endlessly for every four days which kind of confused me. Then they published “Fate/Zero”, a four-volume light novel that sort of acts as an prequel to Fate/stay night. It was later adapted to an two season anime series. I gotta say, the quality of the graphic is awesome!! Their style of colouring has changed after they produced Kara no Kyoukai. You can see a huge improvement between FSN and FZ or UBW. Type-moon also releases a bunch of other games on PSP based on FSN, but they are not that interesting though.

[here’s your number 3: archer…]

Some really cool guy posted the visual novel play on youtube! So if you got some free time, be sure to check these Fate/ projects out!! Peace, people~